Fit doesn’t equal Fear-Free

Me, about to jump.
Me, about to jump.

In an effort to get my mind off the two most challenging things in my life right now: baby making (or lack thereof) and writing a novel, I accepted a friend’s challenge to shake things up a bit. Shaking may not be the right word for it, however. I hit up the Santa Monica Pier’s New York Trapeze School for a terrifying lesson in soaring through the air. Having discovered my fear of heights about a year ago, this was no easy feat. Just standing on the platform above the boardwalk seemed death defying. Forget about actually jumping off, looping your feet over the bar while it’s swinging and then letting go to hang upside down like a gosh darn monkey. Turned out that I was the second worst in the class, stiff and awkward and afraid, despite my best attempts EVERYDAY at being and staying fit. My abs and pecks were so sore up until yesterday, so much so that I’m still marveling at the many ways you can beat the crap out of, ahem challenge, your body. And mind. Each step up the ladder to the Trapeze made me question my sanity. It’s safe to say I won’t be joining the circus anytime soon, but I recommend Trapeze for anyone who’s not afraid of heights, is ready to face their fear of them, or wants to completely get their mind off all their problems waiting down below.  I certainly wasn’t thinking about books OR babies when I was white knuckling it three-stories in the air.

How do give your brain a break from stressing about seemingly insurmountable goals, like trying to conceive with Stage IV endometriosis and/or trying to (someday) make a living as a fiction writer?

Trapeze smiles! AFTERWARDS of course.
Trapeze smiles! AFTERWARDS of course.


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  1. redbluebird

    This looks like fun! For someone else. I’m afraid of heights too. Or more accurately, afraid of things like trapezing or bungee jumping, where you’re flinging yourself over cement or a rocky river. I’m OK with bridges, tall buildings, etc, where there is actually something solid beneath me.
    But good for you for trying something new!


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