Can I eat everything? Thanks.

Seriously. I am so hungry ALL the time. Constantly. 24/7. Every minute.

Now you would think that this would be a welcome change from the incessant nausea from like two weeks ago. And at first it was. But it’s morphed into something uncomfortable. I have this burning acid refluxie feeling ALL DAY LONG and NOTHING satisfies me. I hate all the food I cook and no form of takeout, at least in my area, sounds appealing.

You know what I need? Every single person I know to make their favorite dish and bring it to me every day in November. God that would be amazing. Forget winning the lottery, I want the world to feed me. I am more excited for Thanksgiving this year, than I am for Christmas, simply because I want to eat. It. All.

And of course this makes me feel like a total jerk face when there are people in the world with REAL problems. REAL hunger.

Stomach growl.

SO tell me, if you could eat anything right now, what would it be? Give me some ideas. And then come over and cook for me. I will pay you all the monies I can find in between the couch cushions and in the multiple change jars speckled about my messy house.

I would kill for one of these muffins right now. I used to bake these all the time when I had energy. Sigh.
I would kill for one of these muffins right now. I used to bake these all the time when I had energy. Sigh.


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  1. journeyformybaby

    Haha! I felt just like this while pregnant with Levi. It was awful!! It makes me feel so bad for pregnant women who don’t have enough to eat. It would be sheer misery.

    I would love to cook you something so you could tell me if my cooking is any good. I’m never sure and DH is not a great critique. 😉


  2. jonsie13

    When I went through the extreme hunger with my 1st pregnancy (boy) I kept peanut butter everywhere. Jar on the nightstand, jar at work, in my purse, it was ridiculous. But it was about survival. Haha.


  3. Corina

    Well, if I lived near you, I would come cook for you. Or at least I would cook for you and send it to you. I’ve got a cold so maybe it’s not a good idea to actually take it to you. Chicken soup. That’s what I would make. I make it with lots of big chunks of chicken and potato chunks and onion and rice and bell peppers. It’s more of a stew, and very filling. Good for you, too!


  4. hopingonhope

    Well, its not a boy thing. Actually wth both boy pregnancies I havent felt any hunger or cravings at all. I simply dont crave 😦 which I guess is good with GD.
    Surround yourself with protien and tonnes of it, will make you feel better.

    How does rice congee sound to you? I cook rice make
    It extremely smushy cooked and watery, add some unflavoured greek yogurt and salt and keep drinking it bit by bit. My
    Ultimate comfort food that is portion friendly.


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