Pieces of Me


Motherhood swallowed me whole for a while and then spit me out – a more motivated, less anxious, more badass version of myself. I haven’t disappeared. Oh no. Quite to the contrary. I’ve been very much alive!

I’ve been sharing my daily life on Instagram with the best (and the worst) of them. Want to see pictures of me pretending to be a fashion blogger at 37-years old? Click here. 

I’ve been writing so very much, especially with my new job at coParenter. 

I’ve written about my yelling problem. 

I’ve written about my recent surgery for Scary Mommy. 

I’ve written about losing one of my favorite people back to the wide wonderful world. Our au pair. 

And now both of my kids are sleeping through the night (for the most part). And my son’s going to start preschool on April 1. And I’m pretty sure I’m done having babies. It’s this new, exciting, confusing, place I’m in!

But I still don’t have it all figured out… Like how do I work, be the best most amazing most present mom of all time, find hours to exercise, and have friends? HOW DO I DO IT? How do YOU do it? I have dreams. Dreams of book deals and bigger blogs and amazing fashion sense. Dreams of well-traveled, emotionally and socially healthy, children who have hobbies and can refine their talents and don’t suck as human beings. I have dreams, don’t you? Tell me all the things. Tell me about all your dreams. From one dreamer to another, we’re in this together, guys.



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